5 Easy ways to maintain your Ankara print

The Ankara print is an African originated fabric that has rich vibrant colors and patterns. These colors and patterns represent the rich and diverse African culture and heritage. The Ankara is known for its versatility; it can be sewn into anything you can dream of; gowns, trousers, shorts, blazers, etc.

Although the Ankara is adorable, it can lose its beauty if not properly handled. How you wash, iron, sun and fold your Ankara is key to making it last or fade. How then do you take care of your African print in a way that it lasts? Let me show you how:

  1. Buy original prints: one of the first things to do is to ensure you buy original Ankara print. It’s usually difficult to keep the fake prints from fading.
  2. Run away from detergents: detergents don’t favor Ankara prints, because they contain chemicals that fade the Ankara. It is better to use toilet soaps or any mild soap. You can also add a table full spoon of salt while washing because it keeps the print from running color. More so, use baking soda or vinegar to remove tough stains, instead of bleach.
  3. Don’t wash all the time: If you wash your Ankara all the time, it will fade. The colors in Ankara are from dyes, so if you wash the Ankara too frequently, it will lose its color with time. Try airing your prints, instead of always washing. Also try not to leave it in the sun for so long.
  4. Iron inside- out: Ironing has a way of fading African prints, so instead of ironing the usual way, turn the inner surface outwards and iron it instead.
  5. Fold neatly: please fold your Ankara neatly or hang it up in your wardrobe to prevent it from getting tangled at the edges or overly rumpled.

As you consistently put this tips to practice, your African prints will surely last longer.

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  1. Ricardl says:

    Nice and beauty. I like this dress for its creative design and color combination.

  2. Mamun Mondol says:

    wow ! How gorgeous you are . I loved your dressed. Also thanks for sharing this tricks.

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